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Sketches I did when I took a break from work and feeling sick and crummy and went to Ihop to eat and draw. These are sketches for a future chapter I’m excited to write/draw for a number of reasons 1) because it involves a formal event so yaaaay clothes 2) it’s pretty much the only occassion Claire ever cries so that’s interesting to draw 3) a character punches another character’s lights out and I wanna draw that super super bad, you don’t even know

Fran’s arms are way too long, in fact most her proportions are a bit off because holy crap do I have a hard time drawing humans and toons occupying the same space realistically. I gotta keep my humans a smidge toonier than I might normally draw them.

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I started this AGES ago and gave up on it because I get really uncomfortable when drawing at the computer, or at least I used to.

This is in response to numerous questions about how I draw my characters, so I thought I’d break it down. I draw them slightly different from this more recently, but this is still how they’re put together.

Praline’s eyes will always make me laugh.

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