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Plans as of right now

April turned out to be a really busy month for me, but its helping me establish a better foundation (projects done, moving out of state, opportunities to expand personal business, etc) for the rest of the year. I only got to churn out a single page of Love Me Nice in all of the hubbuhb, but as I turn the corner and approach May, I know one thing: May is partially dedicated togetting Love Me Nice up and going again and the first book’s kickstarter launched before May ends.

Once I finish chapter 7, I’m going to launch the kickstarter while I draw Chapter 8, which is a relatively short chapter — this will conclude Vol 1.

Other Love Me Nice To-Do List items:

  • Get some new merch prototyped and in the store (and new charms)
  • Decide whether to debut those during kickstarter or before/along-side/after
  • Start doing scheduled live streams again

I’m glad even a few people ask about progress and keep up with things, and I hope people want the book as much as they keep telling me. I think finally having the book to sell will allow LMN to continue.

Love Me Nice will never be some kinda media giant, but I do have faith that it’ll at least make for a good read through to the end and people will love it. Its just gotta get there.

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» Patreon Update: Switching to Monthly

I have been extremely busy this month, and due to last minute cancelled pledge last time I didn’t actually make the $150 per update, which means I couldn’t justify updating weekly. In light of how swamped I am, I’ve decided to make the pledge rate MONTHLY instead of PER UPDATE — this way there are no surprises at the end of the month if I were to suddenly drop 3 updates or something. I’m going to change my goals to match. Feel free to lower or adjust your pledges accordingly. I’m still going to endeavor to update, especially once I get this heavy workload out of the way. Hopefully before this month ends.

Changed some things over at the Love Me Nice Patreon to better suit my being swamped with work right now.

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» Love Me Nice - Archive


FINALLY sat down and got the Archive/Chapter List page up. Was putting it off cuz had to type the html code out and bleeeeeeeh, oh well its done. Hopefully this makes reading it easier, having this point of reference.

I’ll fix the other pages tomorrow, maybe.

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I feel bad for not having a LMN update this week due to being busy, ssoooo… here are some Claire expressions done while I was previously scripting Chapter 8. Its a fun chapter cuz Claire makes faces she hasn’t made before. FACES ARE FUN.


I feel bad for not having a LMN update this week due to being busy, ssoooo… here are some Claire expressions done while I was previously scripting Chapter 8. Its a fun chapter cuz Claire makes faces she hasn’t made before. FACES ARE FUN.

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Anonymous asked:
I'm the anon you replied to about Bongo and I'm sorry to make you worry! As it is I understand where you're coming from, I think. I doubt most people who ask are trying to put you off of writing what you want, it's just so strange to see anybody trying to handle these situations with a nuanced brush. I'm sure no matter what you write it'll be good because everything you've done so far has been great, even Roger's oppressive attitude. I guess I just like Bongo and don't want him to turn out evil.

I understand. But at the same time: I don’t write “evil” characters. I don’t even believe in evil. Nobody is evil.

Evil is an extreme that is so bad it allows bad people to get away with being bad because HEY they aren’t COMPLETELY EVIL. We have this assumption that if someone is an abusive or neglectful or largely bad person, that they *must* be evil and have no redeeming features. And this is why abusive people will always have people defending them, who will say things like “But he’s good to his mother and he goes to church and he volunteers at a shelter! So those accusations must be false!” and thats because we paint abusers like… monsters in the bushes or evil villains

I mean abusive people get away with it BECAUSE they’re charismatic and likeable, most the time. And if we keep assuming that an abusive (emotionally, physically, or sexually) person is a villain and evil, of course we’re not going to accept, say, as parents our son or daughter could be an abusive person and will in turn defend them to the death, even to the face of their victims…

… and this isn’t me trying to treat abusive people sympathetically. Absolutely not. I just think that thinking in terms of “good and evil” is detrimental to stopping and prevent abuse and raising people to not be abusive.

None of this specifically applies to Bongo, mind you. I’m just saying, I don’t write evil people because I don’t believe evil exists, and I think that abusive assholes are not always gonna be deplorable and unlikeable. They’re multifaceted people and they often have redeeming features, and a life outside of the people they victimize, which is how we trick ourselves into hand-waving their abuse and excusing it. Or being blind to it.

I’m not really making a grande statement or anything. I’m just explaining why I’m not gonna write an evil character, and why it perfectly natural for you to like Bongo, and why it’s probably intentional that he be likeable.

i feel like I talked for way too long

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Anonymous asked:
For whatever reason, whenever I click the link to the archive on the LMN site, I get a blank page. I'm running Firefox 27.0.1 if that helps any. Before I didn't have any problem viewing the archive. idk what's up

That’s because there isn’t an archive! It was generated by the CMS I removed, and I’ve yet to remake it. Sorry! I’ll work on it.

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Chipping away at Love Me Nice website problems


Broken/nonexistent links redirect to index properly, RSS feed has been changed/fixed (

Now I’ve got to rebuild pages and fix some links. Reports of things broken still welcome.

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Just previews of pencils with dialogue obscured. I just like assuring people I’m working on updates. I’m doin it, y’all. I’m updating this dang comic.

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Trial run: Comments section

I’m temporarily implementing comments again on the LMN site. This is mainly a test run, because the nature of a lot of comments really put me off. But I’m gonna give it another shot. It will be moderated, however. I’ll delete any comment I feel is innappropriate for my site.

Hopefully this’ll be cool instead of a regret, haha.

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Okay! Page 170 is online properly, and I removed ComicCMS from my site and replaced it with my own crap coding and blleeehh. Had to remake a lot of things manually but hey, it’s done. And it’s pretty easy to update.

I now have a headache. I’m gonna nap before I get back to work. Since all the stuff was done by my imperfect stupid hands, if there are any problems with the site please let me know. I’d really appreciate it!

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